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What's NEYES ?

Eyebrows in Perfection with NEYES Brows

Perfectly styled eyebrows are an irresistible eye catcher. They are a very part of a sophisticated appearance, rejuvenate your face clearly and let your eyes sparkle with a fresh look.

Whatever your "eyebrow-type" is - whether the growth of your eyebrows is thin or strong, whether light or dark - the professional NEYES Brows treatment and the perfectly matching NEYES Brows products revolutionize your eyebrow style.

That's why NEYES Brows so unique:

Our professional NEYES Brows Artists take the very best care of you. Because our stylists treat your eyebrows absolutely cautiously and gently – there is no permanent makeup during the NEYES Brows treatment.
We work with soft & warm special wax finest tweezers and the very popular oriental "string technology". In addition with the NEYES Brows care products you will enjoy a long-lasting, unbelievable result.

Try it  - You'll like it! You will catch everyones eye!

10 Steps to enjoy perfect eyebrows.

1. Consultation

Reviewing the optimal and possible shape and color of the eyebrows


2. Cleansing

Cleansing and pre-paring the eyebrows


3. Dyeing

Tinting the eybrows to the selected color


4. Measuring

Measuring the eyebrows getting equal contours


5. Marking

Drawing the contours in order to fix the shape


6. Trimming

Cutting the eyebrows (cutting the longer hairs)


7. Waxing

Waxing of the eyebrow contours


8. Tuning

ERemoval of fine hairs with the special thread

Feinarbeit Pinzette

9. Fine Tuning

Removing of individual eyebrow hairs with tweezers


10. Finish

Enhance and covering any gaps with the Eyebrow Pencil and Brow Powder


That's N|EYE|S




"My eyebrows are "unplucked", may the NEYES Brows treatment be carried out nevertheless?"

Yes for sure! We call this particular procedure "revitalization".
In order to achieve the optimum result, the shape of the brows will be changed in small steps, while working with a growth serum additionally. This process can take up to 6 months and there are some more treatments needed.
It is important to let the eyebrows grow during this period and under any circumstances not to pluck the eyebrows by yourself.

"Can I choose the eyebrow shape and – color by myself getting the NEYES Brows treatment?"

Yes for sure! Your eyebrows are styled according to your preferences - the choice is yours. Your brows can be “customized” for an expressive look or more natural, light or dark. Your NEYES Brows Artists advise you about this absolutely professional and work with you to match your natural brows, the perfect shape and color. THE PERFECT STYLE.

"How often should I carry out the NEYES Brows treatment?"

It depends on your individual hair growth, but usually you will come back for a treatment every 4 weeks. For example, the color will keep about 4 weeks – if you wait too long, your perfect shape will be vanished and you will begin right from the start.